Ontherapy products for the skin,
even during pharmacological or oncological therapy

Ontherapy products for the skin,
even during pharmacological or oncological therapy

Drug and cancer therapy stresses all skin types, and especially sensitive skins.
Dry skin, itchiness, redness, irritation and peeling are just some of side effects that might affect your skin.

How Ontherapy products for the skin can help

How Ontherapy
products for the skin
can help

It is important that you choose your skincare products with care, before, during and after therapy. Oncological and pharmacological treatments can have a major impact on the wellbeing of your skin.
The side-effects are:

Targeted therapy uses drugs that interfere with cancer cells at a molecular level or via specific receptors in the skin (i.e., the “antennae” on the surfaces of tumor cells) to stop these from growing and spreading. Whilst selective, this action can also affect healthy cells, including skin cells, resulting in decreased vitality and functionality.

Immunotherapy is a pharmacological treatment that, like Target Therapy, acts directly on specific receptors via monoclonal antibodies to block the functioning of tumor cells. Unfortunately, it also affects healthy cells, including skin cells.

Hormone therapy works by checking the production of estrogen or by blocking the interaction of estrogens.
Low levels of estrogen can lead to premature aging of the skin and consequent beauty problems.

Chemotherapy uses substances that attack fast dividing tumor cells. It also affects healthy cells with a high turnover, including the hair follicles in the epidermis.

Radiation therapy uses beams of intense energy to treat various pathologies. This can have several effects on the skin: erythema (radiation burn), edema, redness and light sensitivity.

Surgery leaves marks and scars in the skin.

Ontherapy products for the skin are dermo-function cosmetic coadjuvants specifically developed to be similar to your skin

Ontherapy line offers skincare products with a balanced formula to gently cleanse by affinity, nourish,
regenerate and protect your skin before, during and after therapy.

Ontherapy research

A Pilot Study on 170 breast cancer patients shows that Ontherapy products are indicated for aesthetic treatment of people during and after cancer therapies.

Spazio Benessere

An dedicated to promoting body wellness, offering specific treatments using Ontherapy products for the skin at the IEO (European Institute of Oncology) in Milan.

Recommended by APEO

Ontherapy products are recommended by a network of more than 200 specialists throughout Italy belonging to the Associazione Professionale di Estetica Oncologica (professional body for oncological beauty treatments).