Change the way you cleanse your skin during therapy using
Ontherapy cosmetic coadjuvants

Cleansing is crucial for stressed or excessively sensitive skin suffering from problems caused by therapy. The cleanser you use should be dermofunctional, gently cleansing the skin while fully respecting it (i.e., only removing impurities and leaving its physiological nutritional properties intact).

Ontherapy products are cosmetic coadjuvants where cleansing is key.

Why is cleansing the crucial first step
when it comes to skin wellness?

Your skin already has a natural barrier: a hydrolipidic film that protects it by collecting and enclosing any “dirt” (impurities, dust and pollution), at the same time countering the action of external microorganisms. Normal detergents can weaken this layer. In fact, they often remove it together with the impurities. The loss of this protective barrier then makes it easier for the skin to allow water to evaporate, especially if damaged internally by therapy or pathologies such as psoriasis or dermatitis. This then results in dehydration, dryness and even potentially pathological consequences (hyperkeratosis, cracking and ulceration).

Foaming products that cleanse by contrast act like “solvents” and so are not suitable for skin during therapy as they constantly weaken the natural defenses of the skin. The skin needs to keep its natural barriers, yet also guarantee a high level of hygiene.

Gently cleansing by affinity is therefore essential to preserve the hydrolipidic film without damaging the epidermis.
In this case, the cleanser emulsions the dirt, removing only the impurities from the surface of the skin, while at the same time protecting and normalizing the skin.

Comparison of skin cleansing products: solubilization vs emulsion.

Ontherapy, cosmetic coadjuvants
with natural derivatives

The dermofunctional action of Ontherapy cosmetic coadjuvants continues even after cleansing thanks to naturally derived ingredients and dermofunctional active principles.

In fact, after cleansing, our protocol foresees the use of the most appropriate product to suit the specific skin problem:


Provides relief for red irritable skin thanks to the calming, nourishing action of plant extracts and lipids.

Anti desquamation

Repairs and smoothes in a targeted manner areas of flaky, peeling skin on the body, hands, feet and nails thanks to the action of plant oils, active moisturizers and Urea.


Counters dryness and protects the skin. Restoring oil with regenerating antioxidant plant oils and shea butter.


Eliminates bad odor, soothes irritated skin and provides freshness. A well tolerated moisturizing, bacterostatic deodorant.


High Tolerability – Bacterostatic

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