Our story

Ontherapy is a trademark of Dermophisiologique Srl SB, a benefit corporation belonging to the Montefarmaco Group, in business since 1989 and a leader in the professional beauty sector.

Born out of a desire to improve the quality of life of those undergoing therapy, the Ontherapy line is the result of continuous dermatological and scientific research into the formulation of dermo-affinity cosmetics that respect the natural physiology of the skin.

Loretta Pizio, CEO of Dermophisiologique Srl SB, and Dr. Carolina Ambra Redaelli, Director of Research and Development of the same company, are both engaged in a continuous and constant search for excellence in quality, in work and in all aspects of life.

Dermophisiologique’s “Spazio Benessere”

Back in September 2013, Dermophisiologique opened its “Spazio Benessere” (wellness area) in Hall I on the first floor of the European Institute of Oncologi (IEO) in Milan.

Here qualified APEO professionals offer specific skin treatments for those undergoing cancer treatment, including:


  • A free beauty check-up and customized consultation
  • Treatments that respect the natural physiology of the skin
  • Suggestions regarding self-care at home
  • • Bedside beauty services
    (beauty manicures and pedicures, minor hair removal, etc.) for patients, with the agreement of the department head

Dermophisiologique Srl SB is committed to helping people regain the pleasure of taking care of themselves – before, during and after therapy
and to maintain their psychological and physical wellness. All proceeds from the “Spazio Benessere” are donated to the IEO-CCM Foundation for cancer research. For more info:

Recommended by APEO

APEO is a professional association with a great desire to improve the quality of life of people undergoing cancer therapy. Its training project educates beauty professionals about specific beauty and wellness treatments for skin before, during and after cancer therapy.

The skills they acquire during this course allow beauticians to bring relief to the painful and disabling effects of cancer therapy, and to minimize imperfections in appearance that can have a major impact on the social life and psychological well-being of cancer patients.

There are currently more than two hundred APEO beauticians throughout Italy. A valuable, constantly growing network of excellence. Thousands of people undergoing therapy have already benefited from their beauty and wellness treatments with the help of Ontherapy. products. For more info: